Korrus Partners with University of Strathclyde to Further Antibacterial Lighting Patent Portfolio

Korrus has partnered with the University of Strathclyde

Visible light disinfection enabled by the Korrus/University of Strathclyde partnership is ideal for health, food service and similar applications

Healthy light leader’s partnership follows recent acquisition of Circadian ZircLight

Partnership with Scottish university reinforces ongoing Korrus commitment to invest in the intersection of light & human health

The partnership allows for streamlined, global adoption of visual light disinfection technology

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2022 – Korrus, a leading technology company focused on Human Light Interaction (HLI), today announced its strategic partnership with the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

The University is recognized as the leader in the development of High Intensity Narrow Spectrum (HINS) light, technology that decontaminates the air and exposed surfaces safely in the presence of humans, preventing the spread of infection.

A synergy between HINS-light and the recent work of Korrus was recognized and the parties have been working to establish a partnership to provide a patent pool for one-stop licensing. All future worldwide antibacterial lighting patent licensing by the partnership will be led by Korrus.

Visible light disinfection is a technology that utilizes specific wavelengths of blue-violet visible light known for their antimicrobial effect. By amplifying the power at these wavelengths and blending in a proprietary recipe of other wavelengths, it is possible to create functional white light that also has effective antimicrobial properties.

Further, visible light disinfection is part of a broader Korrus vision to revolutionize human interactions with light for enhanced health and performance. This partnership accelerates the Korrus mission and complements a growing portfolio of technologies and patents at the intersection of light and health.

“At Korrus, we recognized that the best solution to opening the market requires a broad licensing strategy built around both Korrus patents and the University of Strathclyde patents,” said Mark Reynoso, CEO of Korrus. “Through this partnership, we can now offer a comprehensive licensing program around antimicrobial lighting technologies, to help to reduce illness and disease caused by bacteria and fungi.”

“The University seeks to forge meaningful partnerships with organizations across the world and this latest partnership with Korrus builds on our many years of research and development of HINS-light,” said Professor Scott MacGregor, Vice-Principal of the University of Strathclyde and leader of the HINS-light. “To bring novel, light-based products to market at global scale is exciting and together we look forward to paving the way to mass adoption of much-needed visible light disinfection products.”

About the University of Strathclyde

A leading international technological university based in the centre of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde was named the Times Higher Education UK University of the Year 2019, the Sunday Times Good University Guide Scottish University of the Year 2020, and has received two Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education awards for its excellence in energy innovation in 2020 and in advanced manufacturing 2022. The University of Strathclyde integrates academics, research capabilities and deep engagement with industry, government and the third sector to fulfill its mission of making a positive difference in the lives of its students, society and the world.

About Korrus

Korrus is an Los Angeles-based technology company and pioneer in Human Light Interaction (HLI), the next frontier in human health and wellness. The Korrus portfolio of light-based technologies enables an ecosystem of novel products and applications at the intersection of light and wellbeing. Learn more at Korrus.com.

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