As the science advances, so does our technology

As the science advances,
so does our technology

Korrus is built upon a proprietary system that enables rapid innovation, limitless variation, and future-proof adaptation. Through our patented spectral recipes, artificial intelligence and software-defined infrastructure, we develop, implement and optimize light technologies in service of human well-being.


Bending light to our will

Utilizing our patented spectral recipes, we can shape the composition of light to deliver beautiful, clear light with benefits beyond what’s consciously visible: antiviral and antibacterial, vitamin D delivery, and most critically, dynamic spectral compositions that continuously shift to optimize circadian health. The unprecedented spectral agility of SALT allows us to do all this without any change in light quality. No yellow screens, violet glow, or unwanted dimming and brightening. Just the perfect light, shaped to serve human well-being from morning to night.


Intelligence applied

Pupil is a learning engine that takes input from lab and real-world applications, and through the power of AI and machine learning, progresses our work in Human Light Interaction. Building upon ever-expanding data sets, Pupil is able to optimize existing products, introduce future features, and empower us to invent new-to-world product solutions. This is not just theory either. Pupil has already deployed in true light field capture and rendering, spectral recipe generation, circadian light optimization, and human phase inference. As Pupil continues to learn, it will unlock new potentialities wherever the science and data lead next.

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Architected to adapt

As our understanding of light evolves, our software-based approach radically adapts to keep pace. Because software beats at the heart of everything we create, our solutions can be configured into countless incarnations. Auto-sensing ability allows for cross-platform compatibility and plug-and-play hardware assimilation. Our understanding of light’s power and potential is certain to evolve over time, so our technology is intentionally designed to integrate the most exciting variable of all: the unknown.