Every photon of every day, optimized for wellbeing

We create hardware and software with the power to revolutionize every light-emitting device in your life. To do so, our system of technology is designed to accommodate cutting-edge discoveries as they arise, with the agility to shape spectra, the data to do so intelligently, and the infrastructure to implement and adapt across a broad range of applications. This is how technology enhances lives through the power of light.


Bending light to our will

Spectral agility is central to our mission and SALT delivers it with unprecedented grace. The patented spectral recipes of SALT are shaped to deliver a beautiful visual experience with unexpected benefits: therapeutic, germicidal, and most critically, dynamic spectra that continuously shift to optimize for circadian health. SALT accomplishes this without any noticeable change in light quality. No yellow screens, violet glowing lamps, or unwanted dimming and brightening. Just the perfect light, shaped to serve both your vision and wellbeing from morning to night.



Intelligence applied

The ultimate light learning machine, Pupil helps us achieve a deeper understanding of how humans interact with light. Pupil is the artificial intelligence layer that informs every aspect of our work, leveraging our ever-expanding data sets in spectral recipe generation, light modeling, and ultimately, autonomic, personalized delivery of light. This is not just theory. Pupil has already deployed in Korrus R&D and will continue to unlock and deliver new potentialities of light, wherever the science and data lead next.



Architected to adapt

The future of light is being written across every fixture, lamp, device and display one encounters each day. Our software-based system of hardware is infinitely adaptable to implement across each. Fungible, agile and intentionally designed to accommodate new devices and discoveries as they arise, with plug-and-play module assimilation, cross-platform compatibility, and over-the-air upgrades. We design this way for a very simple reason. Because to truly revolutionize how humans interact with light, complex systems need not be complicated. They need to adapt.